Friday, 4 May 2012


So here I am today (tonight, actually, but whatever) with nothing much to do. So instead of giving you another useless rant to read, I'm going to advertise my other blogs. Or something.


Mist's Not-So-Useless Not-So-Short Stories -
The place where basically all of my stories go with the exception of Nix and Mist for which has it's own blog and is also mostly written by Nixion Strange. The title is a playing on the words of what it was called when I first made the blog "My Useless Short Stories" which was changed when I ended up putting up my chapter stories there and people stated saying that they ween't actually useless.

Nix and Mist -
An easy way to remember the link is that it's basically the title backwards. You see, the book was originally going to be called Mist and Nix, but when it was decided that it would be written from Nixion's point of view rather than Mist's, it was changed to Nix and Mist. ...And for some reason, the link was never altered. Deal with it, it really is an awesome series. Unless everyone else has been lying...

My Useless Blog Ranting
Take a look around! This is that blog!

Blogland Chronicles -
This is basically where all the stories that involves groups of people from Blogland in them (which have now been titled as "Blogland Fan Fics" [Lynxia just hasn't gotten around to changing the blog description yet {Yes, this really is a bracket within a bracket within a bracket...}...]...).
It has stories from everyone and is really worth checking out.

What If? -
This is a blog Nixion created where someone generally posts a situation and people carry on from that. It is a "what if" kind of thing though, like "what if Sparky was a vampire?" or "what if Nix got turned into a zombie" or "what if Eve killed a live chicken?" (yes, they are all actually on the blog [yes, even Eve's live chicken one {Yes, this is really another three bracket thing...}...]...). It doesn't always have to carry on, but so far they all are but one.
I think.

Blogland OC's -
This is just a place to dump all your Character Profiles. Not very interesting, but good if you want to look up information about a character. Well, it WOULD be if more people posted their OC's.

A Collaborative Effort to Meet the Golden God!!!!!-
A place where...well, read the blog description. It has kind of died, unfortunately though, but...

So yeah, they are all the blogs I contribute to.